Friday, September 2, 2011

"It's never interested me, art, at all," says man who draws in his sleep. And, is good at it.

Man Becomes Artist When He Sleeps - Slashdot:

During the day 37-year-old Lee Hadwin is a nurse with no particular love or talent for art, but when he sleeps it's a different story. Lee has been sleep-drawing since he was 4 and is now quite good. Some of his pieces have sold for six figures. Despite numerous tests, doctors can't explain how he's able to draw and paint while he's not conscious, or even what stage of sleep he's in while he works.
Some guys paint and draw, some sleepwalk. Me, I stop breathing and grind my teeth. Maybe I'm not drinking enough. (Alcohol seems to be a trigger for the drawing fellow's night work.)

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