Monday, September 5, 2011

16,000 guns ‘lost’ from manufacturing plants in last 2.5 years (Time for a milk carton campaign?)

16,000 guns ‘lost’ from manufacturing plants in last 2.5 years: report | The Raw Story:

A report released Thursday highlighted that more than 16,000 firearms have been reported "lost" from licensed gun manufacturing plants before sale since 2009, an average of 18 guns lost per day. Many of these guns don't have serial numbers affixed yet, making them nearly impossible to trace and thus desirable for criminals.
Serious question: how many "lost" guns are acceptable? At what point do you think it's time for civil or criminal penalties? One "lost" probably not worth getting upset about, could just be an oversight in the paperwork or something harmless. But what about two? Or ten? Surely it must be some number less than 16,000?!

Via Friendfeed's Jim 
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