Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Minor Kerfuffle Over Minor Threat Ts

"Dischord doesn't make T-shirts," MacKaye clarifies in a phone call. But Minor Threat is another story. Because so many bootlegged Minor Threat shirts are constantly floating around the universe, MacKaye decided the band had to do something about it. The solution: Get another company to oversee their official shirts, and when a bootleg crops up, let them deal with it. "It's fucking absurd the amount of bootlegs are out there," MacKaye says, and "my time is better spent doing other things."
"It's not a political thing for me," MacKaye says. "I just don't give a fuck about T-shirts."
I would hand Ian MacKaye $28 for a Minor Threat T-Shirt if he scrawled "Minor Threat" & drew a black sheep on a Hanes Beefy-T. I'd probably pay a lot more that $28 for that. Urban Outfitters can get bent. Not one thin dime.

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