Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bank Of America Self-Sueing (Sue-icide?) No Doubt A Delight For Attorneys

Bank Of America Sues Itself In Unusual Foreclosure Case:

" ... And suing the piss out of ourselves when we do."
But in Florida's Palm Beach County alone, Bank of America has sued itself for foreclosure 11 times since late March, according to foreclosure fraud activist Lynn Szymoniak, who forwarded one such foreclosure filing, dated March 29, 2012, to The Huffington Post. (A white-collar crime expert, Szymoniak was recently awarded $18 million for her work helping the government recover $95 million as a result of bank foreclosure problems in North Carolina.) 
In the March 29 filing, Bank of America is seeking to foreclose on a condominium and names the condo owner and Bank of America as defendants in the suit. The company is literally seeking damages from itself in order to foreclose on the condo owner.

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