Friday, November 18, 2011

Wojtek, Poland's 'soldier bear'

"He had a pay book. He didn't receive money, but was officially a Polish soldier," Mr Narebski says. Because of his size Wojtek received double rations. 
He says Wojtek liked play-fighting and boxing with his colleagues and asking for unlit cigarettes, which he would eat. Wojtek also had a liking for beer. "For him one bottle was nothing, he was weighing 200kg [440 lb]. He didn't get drunk." 
Mr Narebski says Wojtek was brought up not to be a danger to humans. "He was very quiet, very peaceful." However, he did take a dislike to a monkey and another bear, who had also been adopted by troops.
When I saw Brian Blessed's name when first skimming the article, the first thing that leapt to mind was that he must be playing the bear.

Brian Blessed, narrating, not portraying the  bear.
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