Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heavy Rotation

Here's what's been getting the repeat play treatment on my iPod the last few weeks ...

The Decembrists - "The Wanting Comes in Waves / Repaid " 

Future Islands - "Before the Bridge"
Hot Lava - "Apple+Option+Fire"
Miniature Tigers - "Bullfighter Jacket"
Penny & the Quarters - "You and Me"
Goldfrapp - "Alive"
Superchunk - "Where Eagles Dare"
David Byrne and Brian Eno - "Home"

Portugal. The Man - "Work All Day"
Lykke Li - "Love Out of Lust"
The Veils - "The House She Lived In"
Modern Skirts - "Under Bridges and Overpasses"
Mates of State - "Palomino"

I signed up for Google Music yesterday and now my music library is in the process of uploading so I can have access to it all on my Android phone. This is huge. My iPod has been maxed out for a while; I've been having to remove songs to add new ones (yeah, yeah #FirstWorldProblems), but now, without having to get an iPhone, I can have access to all my music from any computer and while I'm on the go. It's pretty awesome. I love love my iPod and will keep it in my laptop bag, but now I don't need to think about getting a new one. I'm quite fond of Google Music here in the early going.
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