Friday, July 22, 2011

O Wisconsin, so much to answer for ...

Nine Wisconsinites Who Are Screwing Up America | The Awl:

Whoa, that image is doing an optical illusion expansion thing on my eyes.

Wisconsin. You've heard of it. Maybe it was a fat joke. More likely it was a cheese joke. A drunk joke? Even more likely it was about drunk fat people eating cheese. Yes, Wisconsin Dells. You've certainly flown over it.

Laugh all you want, Wisconsinites are now a leading force in right wing politics and, maybe more so than any other state's residents, are responsible for our messed-up national state of affairs. Here are nine Cheeseheads who are working hard at this very moment to mess up your life.
Fighting Bob La Follette's zombified corpse must be clawing its way out of the ground even now ...

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