Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who Says It's Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away? (Triptych Cryptic Import)

Ol' TC has been my blogging home for so long that despite devolving from a lively group blog to a (mostly) one-trick-pony enhanced by the occasional bonedaddy post (and sure enough a post came in while this was sitting in draft) to break up the c-dog blitz, I've been loathe to give up on it.  And I'm not. Not exactly.  But, I am setting up another blog -- this time with the aim of making it my primary public web presence.  Yes, I'm already on friendfeed, twitter, posterous, and probably other platforms I've forgotten about, so it may seem silly to be setting up a new blogspot.  Oh well.  Silly may be what I do best.

If you've been a TC reader or lapsed conributor these past ten years, please consider paying a visit to


That's where I'll be when I'm not here.  (While you're there, why not add the feed to your favorite reader, or sign in with Google Friend Connect?  You could do worse, yeah?)

I'm going to do some experimenting with cross-posting -- posterous and even facebook (using Blog It app) give me the ability to post to one location and send those posts to both TC and the new Cryptonaut-In-Exile.  So please bear with me while I work out the kinks.  With all these sites that update each other, it's inevitable I'm going to create an echo-chamber effect and have double posting occurring somewhere in the dizzy maze I've created.

I know everybody is on facebook and/or twitter and probably feels they don't need another site to check out, but, while I'm plugging for my new blog, I also highly recommend friendfeed for its lively community, slick interface, and useful functionality.  I see it as the best of both those other services without the downsides.  And, your parents probably aren't on friendfeed.

Anyways, to sum up:
TC -- not dead yet, but our upcoming 10 year Blogiversary may be a good time to take its pulse again?
New blog -- just getting started
Friendfeed -- still highly recommended
Facebook & Twitter -- I'm on 'em but they're spammy and not as good as FriendFeed

P.S. a1pha of YOY, if you're reading, your hosting us the last several years is still greatly appreciated ... please don't shut us down yet!  TC is still a going concern and the domain is paid for and pointing to the same place for several more months at least.
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