Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fox readying U.S. version of 'Torchwood' (Time to Panic)

No, no, no. You can't reboot a series that is hooked (however loosely) into the continuity of another ongoing series. Fans of Doctor Who would have to ignore this new Torchwood-lite in order for the Who continuity to make sense. Else we'd have to reject the Who continuity -- which ain't gonna happen.

This article also mentions a possible US Who reboot (how reliable is this madness?) which is an even worse idea. US Who fans are watching the BBC Who and don't have room for a reboot. (Also, we remember the Fox movie.  How that remains in the canon is beyond me.)  The only way either of these alleged reboots could work would be to move production of both the current series to Fox. Does that sound wise?  Would you hand over the keys to your brilliant new luxury hybrid sports concept car to your idiot neighbor's meth-head stepson his first day out of juvenile detention?  Of course not.  That ginger-haired little tweaker'll wrap it around the telephone pole at the end of the block.  Fox would kill the franchise and then Who fans would have to wait another 20-odd years for the series to be revived.

Who and Torchwood belong on the BBC where, Who at least, has a shot at running for several more years. If Fox needs a Who property to sully, give 'em one of the old companions to reboot: The Peri Chronicles or something. Nothing against Peri, mind you, love her to pieces.  It could be the The Adventures of Leela and K-9.  Turlough & Adric Go to White Castle.  Hang on, we've got Rose and Doctor 10.2 off in the alternate universe ... they could have a go at that.  Just need to set ground rules. Starting with: no crossovers and no interference with the rest of the Whoniverse. It's strained enough already.

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