Saturday, January 9, 2010

Priest charged with molesting boy ::

A priest at Catholic churches in Wayne and Duplin counties has been arrested and suspended from his job on allegations that he molested a boy in Brunswick County.
Rev. Edgar Sepulveda, 47, of 208 Cavenaugh St. in Beulaville, was arrested Friday on one count each of second-degree sexual offense and sexual battery. He was released on a $100,00 secured bond.
Wow. What shocking news. Again.
As a parent, I can't imagine what leads other people to believe their kids are safe with these guys? I mean, how many sexual abuse scandals does it take? If anything, the fact that these grown men have as their sole qualification for child care the fact that either they really believe in magical mumbo-jumbo, or can convincingly pretend that they do, ought to disqualify them from having any kind of contact with children.
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