Monday, January 22, 2001

Wisconsin Care Package

Just as I was hitting enter on the last post, the doorbell here at c-dog Mission Control rang (scaring the bejesus out of me because I don't think anyone's ever used it before) and guess what it was? The mailman had a box for me! I love when the mail is something other than credit card bills, threatening letters from tax collectors, and suchlike. What came was a care package from Wisconsin. No, not beer and cheese, but homemade jerky and cookies! Al makes great jerky and Christi makes these little cookies with cranberries and chocolate chips in them that I love and they both came in the same box, which was a pleasant surprise. Thanks guys!!

OK, now I've messed around on the internet enough and have to get back to studying, which is ostensibly the reason I'm off work today in the first place.
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