Friday, November 24, 2000

UCONN v. Duke (Replay)

TV pick of the night: UCONN v. Duke 1999 NCAA final is on ESPN Classic at 9pm. My vote for best college b-ball game ever played. It was supposed to be the Duke Invitational, nobody was going to challenge them. The whole time UCONN held the number 1 spot during the season, there was griping in the media about how Duke was the better team. Supposedly, nobody had an answer for Elton Brand. It turned out nobody had an answer for Ricky Moore (in the first half) or Rip Hamilton (in the second).

It was too ironic that I met a girl out at the bar watching UCONN beat Gonzaga (I was the only UCONN fan there, she was a friend of the only Gonzaga fan there) who was a huge Duke fan. Despite that, we got on pretty well and she ended up coming over to watch the final game. I don't think I was rude that night (though I did site the Rod Sellers elbow to Laettner's head as one of the greatest moments in sports history), but we never went out again ... Duke fans are so thin-skinned (and stupid). Additional evidence, I was pretty loaded that night at Damon's that night and my 'line' (if you can call it a 'line' when you use it loudly and on everyone you meet) was: "Lookit my ass! Look at it, dammit!!!" (I was wearing a UCONN warmup shirt with "UCONN" in big letters across my butt.
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