Thursday, November 16, 2000

Monkey-Controlled Robots

I wasn't excited about this article when I saw the headline at the Drudge Report, but when I actually went to it and saw that it was monkey brain waves (!) controlling the robot ... well then I knew that science was finally doing something productive. Imagine the possibilities of monkey-controlled giant robots ...

Instead of paying attention in class, I'm thinking of a scenario:

Scientist -- "Organic monkeys are not bad at throwing their feces, but really ... why settle for relatively small, inaccurately thrown feces balls when we could have giant robotic monkeys hurling giant robot feces with the force of a cannon and the precision of Pedro Martinez?"

Gov't Official -- "You're mad! Mad, I say. How can you be sure you'll keep control of the monkey robots?"

Scientist -- "We can't be sure, or even realistically expect it, but the march of progress demands we ignore the peril and complete the process just because we can. Bring me Koko the Gorilla and fire up the Robototron 2000 ..."
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