Thursday, November 30, 2000

Beliefs Of The Presidents

Interesting reading for election season: the religous beliefs of the Presidents. (via TU) I didn't know we had a Quaker, Hoover, or that only one was Congregationalist, Coolidge -- I don't know why I thought there would've been more (or why it would matter at all to anyone), just because I think of Congregationalists being concentrated in New England and down the Atlantic coast (I don't know if that is or ever was true) and because there would be a disproportionate number of President's from that 'hotbed' of Congregationalism, I guess.

Man, we're not going to have any readers left if the rest of the collective doesn't start posting about something interesting ...

Oh, by the way, Mega bought a car yesterday. A 2000 Accord. Be sure and ask him about the "puck" in the trunk. I think we can convince him to try to exchange it. This is the guy who won't buy a box of cereal unless the packaging is in pristine condition, never touched by human hands.

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