Sunday, May 12, 2013

So, basically I need to stay off the internet all week? (Like that's going to happen.)

"So… Did anyone else get their pre-order early? This is a HUGE mistake via BBC America, one I’m very happy to be victimized by. I get to see Nightmare in Silver AND The Name of the Doctor early! 
So, I feel like I have the awesome power of being able to spoil something really really big in the palm of my hands but I refuse sir, I REFUSE! Just know that The Name of the Doctor is a seriously game-changing episode. And that Clara’s explanation will BLOW classic Whovians out of the water."
I haven't looked. Yet. I'd like to just watch it and get the story first-hand, not mediated by internet yobbos, such as myself. But I might change my mind.

Don't worry. Either way, I won't say anything until the BBCA broadcast is complete.

But, good grief, the "No spoilers!" whining is going to be simply unbearable, isn't it?

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