Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Google+, please don't eat Blogger whole!


So I read that Google+ mentions will work in Blogger posts now. Since I use Blogger, I wanted to try it out, but needed a subject for a post to give substance to what is basically a "I want to see what happens when I do that," post.

Here's the fake meat: I have a vague fear that Blogger will eventually disappear inside Google+ and I will be sad because of it. Also, Google Reader. Google, you have better things than +, please don't ruin them.

OK, so now that's out of the way, I'm going to mention a person (+Jeremy Simmons, congratulations, you were mentioned in a blogger post as part of an experiment and probably just received a notification you didn't particularly want!), a page (+Atheist Blogmap), and a community (+Yo La Tengo) and later I will go to + and see what I can see. ~Imagine me making the 'blows a kazoo' sound here, with a confetti toss.~

Edit: Hmm. Doesn't seem to have done the things I thought it would do. No links or integration to g+ that I can see. Back to tinkering ...

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