Monday, December 10, 2012

Choose #Secularism: NC anti-choice custom license plates ruled unconstitutional.

RALEIGH, N.C. — A federal judge has ruled that North Carolina's decision to issue special anti-abortion license plates is unconstitutional because the state doesn't offer similar plates supporting abortion rights. 
U.S. District Court Judge James Fox ruled on Friday that the state's attempt to offer only the “Choose Life” plates represents "viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment."
So what would be better: offering both pro-choice and anti-choice plates, or offering neither?

I'm leaning towards neither.

Update: Can we get rid of the "In Superstitious Bullshit We Trust" plate as well. That's embarrassing.

Update 2: Good grief, it gets worse. (Links seem to have stopped working, but I was able to browse around and find the NRA plate still available ...)


  1. Here in the UK, we use licence plates to display license numbers; and nothing else. It seems a counter-intuitive to 'pretty-up' a legally required method of vehicular identification.

    1. It is kind of bizarre when you think about it. It's not like we can get vanity drivers licenses ... little cartoon word bubbles or the ubiquitous meme-style text over our photos.

      States have to try to make up budget shortfalls any way they can, I suppose.


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