Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mess With the Bull

Well, the much anticipated (on my part) debut of the remodelled Trek got the horns. Fox's coverage of Bull Riding, I kid you not, ran long. They joined Trek in progress about 35 minutes or so in. What I saw looked OK, the changes weren't jarring, the stars, starships, and phaser fire just looked better. I didn't see any enhancements to the viewscreens around the bridge, or anything added to crumbling of the Romulan bridge scene. Maybe I'll catch it from the beginning next week. Of course, if they keep the same timeslot, it'll be right after football, so it's likely to be joined in progress again. Raw deal.

I really need Bledsoe to have a better week than last or my fantasy team is in trouble. Not too metion another bad week could mean Romo starts seeing time.
(Update: Bledsoe did just fine, but nobody else on my team came through. Bunch of sad sacks.)
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