Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Kansas City Shuffle

Saw Lucky Number Slevin today. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying what easily could've been Bruce Willis trying to cash in on some more of that Pulp Fiction magic, a man's wristwatch being a key ingredient and all. If you're looking for a Saturday matinee with some twists and turns and dose of bloody violence, this is one of the better action movies to come along since, well, Pulp Fiction.

OK, a day later, -- and this is spoilerish -- what bugged me a little now bugs me more. The idea that someone, even a coroner, can get a bulletproof vest and fake blood packets on short notice then be willing to risk that someone who's intending to shoot them will hit the packets and not decide to shoot them between the eyes, not to mention the unlikelihood that nobody would notice they're wearing a freaking bulletproof vest, it's all just a bit much. To me, it seems like they decided to take a lazy shortcut and didn't have enough respect for the audience to even try to pretend otherwise. There are probably more glaring credulity straining elements, but they were masked better, or at least an attempt was made to explain them.
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