Friday, April 21, 2006

From SD-6 to ST:11

J.J. (Alias, MI:III) Abrams to Direct 11th Star Trek movie. My feeling for a while has been that what Star Trek needs is a reboot. While this isn't that drastic, I'm liking the idea of revisiting the original characters with new actors. It was a bad idea to go back to the (future) past with Enterprise, but this movie does seem like step in the right direction.

I still feel a full on reboot of the original series, cherry picking the best episodes, grabbing the best stories from the novels, planning the five year mission and doing it as a closed-end series so it could have a proper story arch is the only way to revive the series short of pushing it ahead another couple hundred years or so.

As far as Abrams goes, I liked some of Alias and will probably check out MI:III even though Tom Cruise freaks me out. It never would've occurred to me to look in that direction for Trek and maybe that's not a bad thing. Bryan Singer looked like an inspired choice for the X-Men and that's turned out to be be pretty forgettable, but I would've rather seen someone with a less commercial vision at the helm.

Still, it's new Star Trek and for whatever reason that still gets my inner geek all stirred up.

(link via Ghost in the Machine)
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