Monday, June 14, 2004

Utah Camping Diary, Day 2

Rough start for Tif ... she woke up around 4am with a migraine, the worst she's had since I met her. It was 10am or so before she stopped tossing her cookies and was able to contemplate travel, undoubtedly delighted at the prospect of being jammed into the back seat of a crew cab pickup truck for a 300+ mile drive. She was a trooper though, even when we took a wrong turn on I-70 and ended up out in the desert, adding another 2 hours to our drive by mistake.

We got to Fish Lake not long before dinner time and had time to unload before heading up to the campsite. Our cabin lived up to it's "Rustic" billing. But, it at least had a toilet and running cold water. The walls and windows had strange properties ... wind could whip through them apparently unimpeded, yet they were solid enough to keep in the smell of the gas from the woefully inadequate heater.

At the campsite, we met up with the family and had an enjoyable evening, despite the blustery wind and occasional bouts of snow and hail. That's what a campfire is for, right? We knew the first night that we weren't going to be going out on any boats for fishing, so we would have to enjoy the other aspects of the experience all the more. Luckily, I had the foresight to pack my poker chips.

Fish Lake is beautiful place. It's a long, narrow lake framed by mountains dusted with sage brush, quakies, and pines. The elevation is something like 8700', and I felt it in ol' windbags soon as I tried climbing into the truck to pull out a cooler. I was sucking for air like David Ortiz trying to leg out a triple. We saw lots of deer -- one even knocked Tif's Uncle Kevin off his bike.

We crashed early that night, shivering under our blankets, but invigorated by the mountain air and pleasant company. Plus, we'd been promised a day trip to warmer climes the following day ...

Next: Day 3 --Cathedral Valley.

P.S. We've got tons of photos, we'll have some of the uploaded in the next couple days...
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