Thursday, February 13, 2003


Starship Troopers got Verhoeven-ed and is heading for sequelization. It's enough to make a Heinlein fan toss and turn at night. So word that The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress may get adapted for the big screen is greeted with mixed feelings. It's one of his best and could be great movie. If it gets Verhoeven-ed, it'll be unwatchable, which goes without saying. Off the cuff, I'm inspired to list my Top 5 Sci-Fi Novels I'd Like to See Adapted to the Big Screen Assuming They Would Be Handled By Competent Screenwriters and Directors:

1 - KSR's The Gold Coast Would make a great ensemble movie for young unknowns. James Cameron was supposed to be developing this a few years back but nothing ever came of it.

2 - Ballard's High Rise Just don't let anyone associated with Crash near it. That means you, Cronenberg.

3 - Heinlein's Friday Jennifer Garner's a hot property now ...

4 - Stephenson's Zodiac This would be a great movie for Jake (The Zero Effect) Kasdan to take on.

5 - Asimov's Foundation So I don't have to read it.
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