Friday, February 7, 2003

Oh the Humanity

If you watched any of the Granada TV documentary on Michael Jackon that ABC showed, interspersed with the idiot ramblings of Barbara Walters, you probably concluded Jackson is about as messed up as you imagined he possibly could be. Creepy. So, if that's the case, what do you make of the fawning women/girls who hug him and are reduced to tears? And the photographers that attempt to trample his children to take his picture? He's like a magnet for scumbags and the emotionally disjointed. Only not a magnet because it's a like-to-like attraction. Sometimes humanity's capacity for compassion and decency is downright life affirming; other times, like last night, you can't believe we haven't been overtaken yet by some less disgusting species (like the dung beetle) in the evolutionary struggle.
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