Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Drunk Blogging

What kind of Tuesday night would it be if ol' C-Dog didn't share his drunken tales of inebriation? We won $50 playing trivia at the bar last Tues. but only 3 of us could make it tonight to spend the boodle. Me and Bill and Kenny put down 6 1/2 pitchers and 40 3 Mile Island Hot Wings in a 3 hour span and managed to get virutally no trivia questions right. I think we pissed off our waitress by changing tables 3x. Once 'cos someone felt "crowded", once 'cos we were near a heater and I was sweating my balls off, and finally for reasons I can't recall. I won a Heineken T-Shirt, but forgot it at the bar, which is fine because I wouldn't wear that shirt anyways. Our waitress chased us out to the parking lot because she only saw the top gift cert. and thought we'd stiffed her, when if fact she was generously tipped. After clarifying the tab/tip situation, we tried to talk her into joining us for a round at a bar down the street where, we assured her, there were far fewer scumbags and degenerates than the shithole she toiled in ... she wasn't convinced though. Somehow we lost Kenny trying locate either Shannon's or Sha-Na-Na's, our 3rd bar of the night. I'm sure he'll turn up.

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