Thursday, March 14, 2002

Fightin' Words

I originally tried to make this a comment to this post over at Temple Tantrum but it was too long, so I'm going to post it here instead:

You've been back in touch with Glenn Parent, Bobby Boggs, and Frank Boudreau?! Holy shit! How are those guys? ;)

Some of what you say kinda hits home; some of it makes me bristle ('never to amount to anything'); some of it I don't know what to make of at all. As far as "dismantling the good things religous groups and corporations do", I don't think that's what I'm after (and I can only speak for myself, other Crypters may have other agendas) ... it's dismantling the shit they do I'd like to see done. For the record, I'm totally pro-religion and faith, only in a completely non-organized, non-Christian way. I can hardly ignore the fact that I get a paycheck every week because I work for a giant fucking family fiefdom dressed up as a corporation. Myself and lots of folks like me can afford to eat and stay warm because of corporations. I just happen to think that if society were organized differently more people could live comfortably (fewer in poverty and fewer in craptacular posh splendour -- ideally nobody in either category) and that people need to talk about their vision for society in order to get more people to see the possibility for a more just and equitable way of living in a society. Part of that is tearing into conceptions people hold that are in a direct opposition to what they profess are their own morals. Wrong is wrong. If it's wrong to lie, cheat, steal, and kill ... then it's fucking wrong all the time for everybody regardless of what benefits we enjoy as a result -- fuck omelets, eggs of the world unite, I say. Still we (or, more to the point, our culture as expressed through the mainstream press) celebrate liars, chiselers, and murderers. Where your comments hit home is in that I'm hard pressed to think of a single thing I've made better on a scale outside of myself and perhaps my immediate circle of friends and family. I guess I just feel like if everyone was outspoken in critiqueing blatant fucking hypocrisy, we'd all be better off. But when CEOs mouth bullshit about doing what's necessary to increase profits for shareholders as if that was the only objective of workers in a capitalist society, while not being accountable to shareholders themselves -- through practices like getting their stock options repriced so that as their bloated salaries restrict the growth of their companies and force cutbacks amongst the rank and file they can continue to make godawful amounts of money --- and people still think CEOs are fucking heroes! It makes me wanna puke! Seriously, we need a goddamn wave of monkey controlled giant robots to start tearing this mother down.

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