Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Calexico Thanks To Magnet

I don't listen much to the radio for music. DJs drive me insane with their idiotic jibba-jabba and the music sucks. (Occasionally, way over at the left of the dial, I can tune in something decent for a while, but those stations fuzz out everytime I drive more than 10 miles in any one direction.) So, when I wanted to get some new albums to listen to in the car, I started flipping through the mags at Borders and Magnet Magazine caught my eye. (The Steve Earle cover currently displayed wouldn't have done it, last issue was Ween with Billy Bragg, the Mekons, Wire, Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse, and Belle & Sebastian in big print.) The Calexico album I picked up based on the review turned out to be really good.
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