Thursday, August 31, 2000

Tennis Today

Yahoo! Sports: Tennis - McEnroe reverts to childish blather - or does he? I like tennis, but the culture of pro-tennis is really strange. The US Open is going on, yet all the stories about tennis now are about McEnroe being a jerk, the controversy over the Arthur Ashe statue, and Damir Dokic -- the rowdy, boozehound paranoiac who makes Steffi feel good about her dad. Tennis just can't get a decent image. Pete Sampras is probably the greatest player ever and this should be considered a high point in the history of tennis, but the only tennis player I can remember seeing on the cover of SI is Anna Kournikova -- and she didn't get there by winning tournaments. There's the argument that Sampras doesn't have a foil to make his reign interesting, but neither does Tiger and golf seems to be doing OK.
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