Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Too Shy

You don't even want to know what I thought the lyrics of "Too Shy" meant. OK, I'll tell you. I thought the girl was too shy to go down on the guy. I thought the "eye to eye" bit was her eye to his one-eyed trouser schnauzer, that's why he wants her to move a little closer. HD is probably closer to right than I am though. Now that I've written this, I wish I could sign this post "Mega."

Most common misspelling on the web since X-Men came out: "Rouge" for "Rogue."

I think the Matrix sequel should take place more in the "real" world, less in the Matrix. Hard to imagine how Neo's new powers will remain interesting if they spend much time in the Matrix-- they've got the "Superman Dilemma" and will have to struggle for something more interesting than kryptonite to foil Neo. I think the way to go is to expand on the Joey Pants character's crisis: some people will prefer to stay in the Matrix and how will Neo use his powers against people who have aligned themselves with the agents?
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