Saturday, July 1, 2000

Only Connect (Helena Bonham Carter Fight Club Edition)

Mark has posted a Fight Club commentary in the Pocketverse. I had a somewhat different take on the movie's message, I think, and I'm always ready to admit I could be wrong, but I didn't think the revolutionary group/frat-boy bit was meant to be an "answer" to the the emasculating effects of consumer culture. I felt the movie was portraying that response as missing the point and being a false solution -- actually, I thought the anti-consumer message was more of a "paste-on" theme and that the only thing the movie was unambiguous about was that the Norton character wouldn't be healed until he could connect with Helena Bonham Carter character, thereby placing it, with Howard's End, in the fine tradition of movies that pander to my secret desire to "connect" with Helena Bonham Carter.
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