Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Today in a nutshell ...

Sometimes the twitter feed lines up in just the right order for maximum despair.


Mr. Johnson's comment cuts two ways. The scandal is what the GOP is doing with their control of Congress, as well as how the press is (not) covering what the GOP is doing.

There's a helpful Senator pointing out the GOP is looking to murder the poor, but it's hard to focus your attention on something being under-reported. Also, no amount of protesting, calling my Congressmen's offices, or griping about it here or on twitter dot com will make a lick of difference.

Our 45th President continues to demonstrate he's a corrupt, authoritarian man-baby who probably, in trying to obfuscate his grift, is unaware of, indifferent to, or (more likely) completely in support of the murderous agenda of the GOP.

American Exceptionalism, y'all.

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