Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Do You Even VR, Bruh?

Nabbed a Google Cardboard when they were giving them away the other day and have been using it daily since. It's not perfect; frustratingly, my Nexus 6 doesn't actually fit in it. Still, works well enough for viewing panoramic shots and for watching some of the content on the 360 channel.

The kids dig it, too. They took the White House guided tour that came out recently and are eager to see more educational content, so am planning to see if their school would be interested in the Google Expeditions program after the holidays.

Speaking of which, blogging will continue to be light through the end of the year, so want to take a moment now to wish you all a happy holiday season wherever you are and whichever, if any, you may celebrate.

Looks like we won't see The Force Awakens until Saturday, so if you could all not talk about it for just a few more days ... just kidding, no spoiler-phobe, me. Saw on the twitter machine that my flick shaman liked it well enough, so heading in with high hopes of recapturing the nerdjoy of seeing the original three for the first time. (Well, the first two anyways.)

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