Sunday, March 9, 2014

For #VeronicaMarsMovie, I will learn how to use VOD through my cable company ...

Movie review: Veronica Mars returns to dark, witty life

veronica mars
The plot brings back most of the characters, while also reviving the show's class warfare theme (which feels even more timely now than it did in the mid-'00s), but the film doesn't just feel like a double-length episode of the series. The scope feels bigger, the look is richer, and the focus on who Veronica is and why she's so good at this job goes much deeper than the show usually did.
If it only felt like a double-length episode, I'd be OK with that -- since I plan to watch it at home on TV anyways. But, Sepinwall is one of the better critics out there, so his enthusiasm for this deeper, richer film experience is encouraging.

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