Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Stand On Zanzibar' is worth reading, regardless how you rate Brunner's "uncanny" predictions ...

The Millions : The Weird 1969 New Wave Sci-Fi Novel that Correctly Predicted the Current Day

My copy of 'Stand On Zanzibar' 
Brunner’s work stands out as the most uncanny anticipation of what would actually change — and what would stay the same — in the decades following its publication. Certainly, there are many details, large and small, that Brunner got wrong. But even when the particulars don’t ring true, the overarching theme of Stand on Zanzibar, which is the hidden cost of our obsession with human perfectibility, is just as relevant today as when Brunner wrote his novel.
But, it's a little misleading to give him credit for predicting a President Obomi. In the novel, Obomi is the President of an African nation, not the U.S. So the "Nate Silver himself couldn't have done it," breathlessness is a bit overwrought. (And, no, it's not Kenya either, if that's what you were wondering.)

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