Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yo La Tengo, Cat's Cradle, 1/23/2013

Yesterday I promisethreatened pictures from the Yo La Tengo show. Never let it be said I'm a guy who doesn't keepcarryout promisethreats.

As you know, I'm no CB Lindsey and I don't pretend to be. Just a schlub with smartphone and insufficient shame.

Blurry, hmmm. Those are trees in the background. Maybe it will capture better in B&W ...

Nope, maybe if I try again ... 

Yeah, nope. Color blur was from the early part of the show, the B&W smudges are from later; the first of those I'm pretty sure is Georgia crooning My Little Corner of the World during the encore.

Don't let my hack photography dissuade you from checking out Yo La Tengo on this tour if they come to your area. It was a thoroughly enjoyable show. The quiet acoustic set showed of Georgia's (and James's) vocals, not that there's anything wrong with Ira's, but I'm all for Georgia getting plenty of time at the mic. They played Ohm both ways, quiet and delicate (and it was beautiful) to start the show and a louder, shredalicious version later. Ira really worked the guitars in the second set. My wife will roll her eyes and say she's glad she missed that part, but I love the jams. The first set would've been more her speed. They both worked for me.

Both versions of Ohm were highlights for me, the encores (Nuclear War and My Little Corner of the World), Stockholm Syndrome, Is That Enough, I'll Be Around, Tom Courtenay (acoustic), Our Way to Fall, Decora ... look, I need someone who took notes (I think someone who was stood in front of me so I'm going to watch for updates) to post the setlist and then I can just read it off because, for me, it really did roll from one highlight to the next. I'm glad they played every song they did and I don't know what I would've swapped out to hear Cherry Chapstick or The Evil That Men Do, or Somebody's Baby ...

[Update: here's that setlist ...]

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