Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best Sherlock Holmes “Ah-ha!” Moments

Elementary, Dear Reader: The Best Sherlock Holmes “Ah-ha!” Moments |

After visiting the Cooper Beaches out near Winchester, Holmes notices a number of oddities, culminating in the realization that the floor plan of the house does not correspond with its size. Meaning? There is a secret room! Inside the secret room? Mr. Ruscaslte’s daughter, a woman with a striking resembles to Violet Hunter! It was all a plot to make a suitor of Ruscastle’s daughter think she was truly not interested, but still alive. Rucastle is a serious bastard, and also possesses a mean and nasty mastiff, which he threatens to sick on pretty much everybody. Famously Watson “blows its brains out” in the final scenes of the story. Whoa John Watson! Cold blooded badass. 
Big revelation: If someone asks you to cut your awesome hair it probably means they want you to impersonate someone from afar.
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