Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I've been blogging at Triptych Cryptic for ten years.  It's been a long, fun run.  However, since the other cryptonauts have all but dropped off ... only bonedaddy still pokes in now and again ... I've finally come to the conclusion it's time to let TC fade away and do my thing.  I'm not tech-savvy or, frankly, committed enough to go the whole domain/server/wordpress route so I'm sticking with blogger/google for better or worse.  I'm still on friendfeed, google reader sharing, twitter, posterous, and, in a less public way, facebook.  All of those other things fill a niche but I like having a proper blog for certain types of posts: the longer, more image-laden, possibly controversial (outspoken atheism, for instance) type stuff that the other formats aren't as conducive to sharing for one reason or another.

For the next little while, I'm going to try some cross-posting with an aim to, hopefully, luring whoever might still be reading TC over here.  And I'll still post to TC some, I'm still not ready to let it go completely.


  1. Ok, you're now in my newsreader, so you can check that item in your bucket list. Now say something cool!

  2. I'll do my best. If not to be cool, to be at least newsreaderworthy. ~Wonders if "newsreader-worthy" the Aughties/TwentyTeens's version of "Sponge-worthy." Then wonders if we're calling the decade after the aughties just "the Teens" or something else entirely ... ~

  3. I wonder exactly the same things.


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