Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday X-Posting

Items recently shared on my Google Reader page include:
  • A note about the baptist church picketing George "the profane atheist" Carlin's funeral via the New Humanist.
  • A reminder that Angle Season 1 is now on
  • A note about the Hartford Courant (America's oldest continuously published daily paper) cutting newsroom staff and number of pages devoted to news.
  • A clip about the guy from the underappreciated "New Amsterdam" moving on to a new show that is apparently going to be a series of something's-gone-wrong-on-the-holodeck episodes of TNG via Sci-Fi News.
  • And a nice little clip of one of Obama's advisors reducing Laura Ingraham to a demented harpy. Well, even more of a demented harpy than she normally is, via News Hounds.
And on a personal note, I've got a bunch of pictures up at flickr of our day trip to Carver, MA where the littl'uns got to meet their favorite train.
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