Monday, July 16, 2007

The Princess Bride 20 Years Later

ABC News has then and now photos. Another one of those tedious reminder milestones that I am as old now as when my parents (hopelessly out of touch dinosaurs, yeah?) were when I was teenager. The other movies that leap to mind as my favorites from that year are: The Untouchables, The Living Daylights, Robocop, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles ("Those aren't pillows!"). (I thought Die Hard was 1987, but a quick check of IMDB reminds me that was 1988.)

In 1987, movies turning 20 were Bonnie & Clyde, You Only Live Twice, The Graduate, The Dirty Dozen, and Cool Hand Luke. It's mildly interesting to compare what made the 1967 movies seem dated (aside from the obvious music, hair and clothing styles) in 1987 to what makes the 1987 movies seem dated now and identify what will make 2007 movies look laughable in 2027 ... wildly unconvincing, jarringly incongruent CGI leaps to mind first. The persistence of James Bond is notable as well. Already 5 or so films deep in 1967, one of my favorite movies of last year was Daniel Craig's first outing as Bond. 45 years of a feature film franchise built around a single character is stunning.
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