Friday, August 25, 2006

Recently Watching

Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor and FitTv's Deadly Arts. The meerkats are fascinating to watch, like dogcatmonkeyroos, they scamper around and whatnot. I'd love to see a show like this (or The Monkey Prince) about the chimps in Gombe. Animal reality tv so much more interesting than human reality tv.

Deadly Arts follows Josette, a 40 something French (or French Canadian?) with a bad knee around the world as she studies a variety of martial arts with masters in their discipline. From karate to capoeira to kalaripayattu, no method of punching or kicking another person is left unexplored. Good stuff. But, for crying out loud, if she's just going to complain every week about how much her knee hurts, can't we get someone able to actually train to do the show? Where the meerkats are at home on Animal Planet, I think someone at ESPN's original entertainment wing should be taking note and trying to get a Donnie Yen or Mark Dacascos signed on to redo this one.

Trying to find a site for Deadly Arts, I found this bit about an upcoming special on the National Geographic channel:
Martial Artists' Moves Revealed in "Fight Science" Lab
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