Sunday, October 2, 2005

Our Weekend on the Kancamagus Byway

The missus and I got a room up in the White Mountain region this weekend to celebrate our second anniversary (tomorrow). Neither of us had ever been up there, but now that we've been, we're eager to go back.

It's not yet peak foliage up there, probably a week or more early for that, but there were touches of red and yellow in the mix and it was still gorgeous. We stayed in Lincoln, the west end of the Kancamagus, and did the loop through Conway. En route, we hit several of the scenic areas off the road, stopped at Attitash to ride the ski lift up and take the Alpine Slide down (I cruised past Mrs. C-Dog and the two slowpokes that started in front of her - nearly putting my slide off the track at least once), watched the Sox at sports pub in Conway, did a little hiking in the woods, and basically just had a grand ol' time.

We loved our suite (solid recommendation for the InnSeason - Pollard Brook if you're thinking of taking a trip up that way) -- for a reasonable price we had a huge suite with a great view. We'd definitely stay there if we were going up for a ski trip ... the one bedroom suite comes with a murphy bed in the living room and the bathroom has two sinks in separate areas, so it would be very comfortable for four to share. Our dining out experiences were mixed ... the power went out on the main drag in North Conway, so we weren't able to eat at the Muddy Moose, which was the spot we'd scouted out in advance. Delaney's was fine but unremarkable. The service at brew pub we stopped in drove us out before we could even try the food. Can't remember the name of that one, it was in the town just north of North Conway. Wouldn't go back there.

We would've tried Fratello's, which came highly recommended, but ate lunch so late we didn't do dinner Saturday night. Next time. Breakfast at the Sunny Day Diner in Lincoln was outstanding though. Would definitely go back on a return trip.

Some photos up at my Flickr page.
A few seconds of video of me exploring Stony Gorge at my vimeo page.
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