Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Unquiet Dead

Third episode of the new Who is also quite good, I'm happy to report. It may not sound like praise (it is though) but I swear these shows are like Intro to Philosophy class sophmore year with Dr. Bergen (sp?) and a bit of Mr. Abelon thrown in. The writers throw around some ethical dilemmas and let the characters take different tacks at 'em. In the end, the show's not fantastically deep or anything but you can tell the writers and actors take joy in being just a bit smarter and more mischievous than the audience expected; it's infectious fun. And I know some TCers would appreciate the punning, some of which is clever, some truly groanworthy: during a seance the Doctor tells an uncooperative Charles Dickens to stop antagonizing Gwyneth as she tries to contact the cadaver inhabiting aliens, "I prefer a happy medium."
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