Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Why Do Republicans Hate Our Troops?

Saw a brief clip on the Evening News last night of a woman at the RNC wearing a band aid on her chin with a little Purple Heart on it. Evidently, this is meant to be a critique of Kerry. Republicans never fail to impress me with the lengths they are willing to go to showcase their hypocrisy. I don't understand how people can be so proud and happy to be such total f***ing tools. I'm trying to imagine the thought process behind putting that band aid on: "Hmmm. My guy took a rich kid's pass on his generation's war and wasn't even able to honorably fulfill the minimal obligations of his service, compounding his depravity by lying about it later. The other guy served honorably, putting his life on the line in a war that he -- like most rational people -- couldn't support. I am so full of hate and vile feelings that I can't bear the thought of the better man winning; therefore, I must somehow disparage his military record and stick my fingers in my ears and loudly praise God if anyone points out my obvious idiocy!"

Over at Altercation, there's a letter today from a Vietnam Vet who shares my revulsion, quoted here because it'll probably be gone tomorrow:
Name: Robert DruryHometown: Dubuque, IA
I write again in extreme anger at the way the Republican campaign has treated Vietnam Vets and now, with the "Cute Purple Heart bandages," all Veterans. For those who have never seen the business end of a rifle or RPG or other weapon of personal destruction it might be cute. But to those of use who have been there on the ground, in helicopters, in swift boats, in Jets over Hanoi, The Purple Heart is the one medal you don't want, but cherish if you get it. It is not cute!!!! Carrying shrapnel in your body for 30 years is not "cute." It is disgusting to see all those people (I'm willing to bet that 99 per cent have not a clue about service to their country) wandering around thinking they are funny, desecrating the sacrifices that any man or woman who has gone to war has made. And worse yet, desecrating the medal that represents the horrible reality of any war and many times the ultimate sacrifice (along with the notification that your son, daughter, husband, wife, mother is dead you also get a Purple Heart "with the thanks of a GRATEFUL nation").

 If it weren't so sick the bandages would be funny. If it weren't so hurtful I might even laugh.

It just shows that the Republicans don't get it.

Their leader clearly doesn't get it. And I'm sick of it!
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