Friday, January 31, 2003

Utopia 2.0

There's an interesting idea here. Obviously, if the data and models are flawed in any way, you're going to get bad results, so there'd obviously have to be more work done than the article discusses to explain and verify them. However, the basic idea of a running a sim to show people the impact of their decisions on the environment is intriguing. Once the town/city-scope versions were perfected, it would be fun to do a nationwide sim and ask people to play just to see how many deliberately chose a scenario where the citizenry roll over and play dead while a rogue Supreme Court installs a sub-moronic pawn of the oil companies as president to alienate the world and instigate an imperialist war certain to agitate the most hate-filled, well-funded, religous extremists in the world (himself excluded) all the while rolling back environmental legislation and running up huge deficits to appease the super-rich. I wonder how many people would be happy with the result of that strategy?
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