Thursday, February 21, 2002

This Is Our Year

HD linked an article a while back about how to survive incarceration in which the author exhorts the reader to avoid watching TV in prison as it creates the desire to be constantly entertained, which leads to laziness. The Zen TV Experiment expands on the argument. In thinking about the Nader article linked below, I commented how it seems to me most Americans tend to think of themselves with regard to politics and society in roles like Democrat and Patriot vs. the more rational and relevant roles of Worker, Taxpayer, etc. We're all familiar with the "TV is the opiate of the masses" refrain, but I suspect we tend to underestimate what a malevolent force TV is in the hands of a shrinking number of corporate owners [see the 2/20/02 post at Cheek]. I'm thinking out loud here to remind myself to blog more and watch less TV.

On a completely unrelated note, it was nearly 60 degrees outside today and as always happens the first really warm day of pre-Spring, my thoughts turn to baseball. I'm excited to report that I've got tickets to opening day at Fenway; this'll be my first Fenway home opener and is surely the first of many portents that this is indeed going to be the year the Sox finally win the World Series.
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