Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Women on TV

NOW's Second Watch Out, Listen Up! Report scores network television shows based on Gender Composition and Diversity, Violent Content, Sexual Exploitation, and Social Responsibility. Here are their top ten (no comment means I haven't seen it):

  • Gilmore Girls: This show makes me feel old. It's the single-mom character that I think is attractive. Coincidentally, the shows chief demerit according to NOW's analysts is that the female characters confrom to a narrow, cookie cutter view of female attractiveness -- skinny and white. It is a good show though Plus, it's set in Hartford. Neat.

  • Girlfriends

  • What About Joan?

  • My Wife and Kids

  • That's Life: My god, where are they finding these shows? I've never even heard of them.

  • Buffy: Now we're cooking with gas. One of the best shows on. NOW didn't like the violent content but praised the inclusion of lesbian characters. Nevermind Willow used to be a fun character and is now part of a showkilling tandem. Right rating, wrong reasons. Dark Angel, btw, another girl kicks butt show scored pretty low.

  • Felicity: My friend Allie likes it and she's also a Bruins/Celtics/Bosox fan, so I trust her judgement. The show looks like crap though and I'd never watch it.

  • Boston Public: This raised my eyebrows. Sure it deals with teacher/student issues and has a diverse cast ... still, you'd think they would've objected to episodes like the one about the cheerleaders doing a routine that was too sexy for teen girls. I didn't have any particular objections to it except they might have showed the routine more than just twice.

  • Ed: Another show people tell me is good that I've never seen more than a minute of. I get a Northern Exposure knock-off vibe off it.

  • CSI: A so-so show in the vein of The Profiler. It's strange how every drama on CBS has the look and feel of Walker, Texas Ranger regardless of how different it is.
Star Trek: Voyager also earned high marks because of the portrayal of Janeway. However, I don't imagine Seven did much for NOW's analysts.

I would've have been interested in more commentary on specific shows and episodes. The report pretty much lists the shows that did the best in each category, chastises a few of the worst, and gives barely more than a sentence or two to any one show.
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