Friday, May 25, 2001

The Simpsons is dead

No doubt about it. That show is painful and it sucks. No debate there. It was one of the greatest shows ever, but the legacy is tarnished every week it continues.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is no martial artist; her stunt double does OK though. One only wishes Gillian Anderson had an acting double as competent. Duchovny, bless his heart, has slightly more talent than a girl's blouse and will no doubt rock the world in Evolution.

Moodiness is a payoff? I can film a moody television series about my ass. Is that what you want? Murky, underlit scenes of my ass gazing out the window thinking longingly of it's kidnapped sister? A tight close up of my ass sneaking around a dark tunnel looking for the MOTW and the music rising to a crescendo as it (my ass) turns around quickly and ... nothing's there!! I'm drunk at the moment. Blind drunk. And thinking about the X-Files is such a downer, I'm sobering up. I need a Captain and Coke ... stat!
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