Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Sleater Kinney

Great time had up in Noho last night. Damn my allergies, feeling like walking death with itchy eyes makes it hard to properly enjoy a fine night out with my peeps. Still, was great to hang with De-bop a bit and down some rum-n-cokes before seeing Sleater Kinney rip through a hot set at Pearl Street. Mark & I both got our arses groped in the crowd, but don't worry Joolz, though Mega was accounted for, we think Stevie may have have been delirious from watching all the lesbian couples dancing together and just started groping at random.

I was two hours late for work this morning, but it wasn't enough.

Peter Munro is pitching for the Jays against the Bosox right now. It's a little eerie hearing "Munro winds and delivers ... Munro steps off the rubber and looks Veras back to first ..." and so on.

Last mention, the new Looper album, "The Geometrid" is excellent. Love the Looper.
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